Joo Siang Chan Sdn. Bhd. was established in the state of Kedah, Malaysia in 1963 and has been actively involve in trading & distribution of fertilizers and agrochemicals to the plantation industry in Malaysia. It was a family based trading house involved in sundry goods. Kedah, Malaysia is an agricultural state with vast production of paddy and natural rubber and recently oil palm.

In our business we dealth with many farmers and estate owners and we eventually evolved to AGRO-BASED services and trade industries. In 1980, we reestablished as a private limited company and Joo Siang Chan Sdn. Bhd. is born. The area of trade has since increase to the whole of Peninsular Malaysia and neighborhood countries, namely Indonesia & Thailand.

Currently we are involved in trade and services of industrial diesel (ESSO), animal feed (Gold Coin Feed), Agrochemicals and fertilizers. We carry a vast range of products to service most needs in the agro-industry. We also provide estate and plantation visit to insure full productivities with our products.